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  Consumer Reports Hits Slopes For Best Ski Helmets

Date:2003 - 12/17
By:general staff

Testers Say Helmets Should Be Snug, Not Tight
Every year, thousands of people suffer head injuries on the ski slopes, which is why it is a good idea for anyone who skis or snowboards to wear a helmet. Consumer Reports has suggestions about which ones are best for you.

With the winter season upon us, Consumer Reports shows which ski helmets are best for your protection on the slopes.

Few skiers wore helmets 10 years ago. Sara Quinn, who had been in an ski accident, believes her old helmet saved her from serious injury.

"It may have hit my skis and I could have cracked my head open," she said.

Consumer Reports just crash-tested a dozen ski helmets to see how well they can protect you in an accident. Tests show all of the helmets met the industry's minimum safety standards for shock absorption. Nevertheless, one of the ones they tested -- the Boeri Rage -- broke apart and the strap came loose.

"When the strap comes loose, it won't stay on your head and the sharp fragment could cut you," said Maurice Wynn, of Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports judged the helmet "Not Acceptable."

In a separate test, testers used a device to check the strength of the chin strap. The tester dropped a weight to stress the straps and buckles and see if they would hold. Testers found two helmets failed that test.

Consumer Reports did find several good helmets to recommend. One of the best is the $110 Giro Nine Point Nine.

Before you buy a helmet, Consumer Reports said to make sure it fits properly. Testers said a ski helmet should be snug, but not tight.

The Giro Nine Point Nine is what is called a short shell. It has soft earflaps that are removable. If you prefer a full-shell ski helmet that also covers your ears, a good choice is the $130 Leedom Scream.

Copyright © 2003 Consumers Union of U.S., Inc. All rights reserved.

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2008 - 03/19
WORCESTER While winter sports helmet use is thought to be on the rise nationally, two people not wearing helmets have died when they hit trees on Mount Wachusett so far this winter.
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Still recovering from a brain injury after an accident at P.E.I.'s Brookvale Winter Activity Park, Ryan Condon wants the province to make helmet use at the park mandatory.
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NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Skiers and snowboarders should always wear helmets to protect themselves from head injuries on the slopes, researchers say.
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Finally it's becoming clear. Until now, the whole ski helmet craze never made much sense to me, especially after accidents like this:


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