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Ski & Snowboard Helmet Sizing Guide

Helmet sizing is very simple. The sizes are determined by how many centimeters around your head is.

Take a tape measure and measure the circumference of your head just above your eyebrows. That's your helmet size.

It is VERY important to keep in mind that not all helmets fit the same. Head shape is a factor in your helmet selection as well. In most cases, your helmet will fit if you get the right size, but there are circumstances where the helmet will not fit due to the shape of the helmet and the shape of your head. In cases like this, you may have to try on a few different models to find the right one.

For Kids it is very important to not add too much to account for growth. A helmet that is too loose is not going to be safe and can actually be dangerous. Kids' heads grow relatively slow so get one that fits. The only time you may want to bump up a size is if their head is right in-between sizes. Then you can select the larger size.


Remember! Not all helmets fit the same! Some are designed for oval heads, some are designed for round heads and some are designed for the "roval" head. It's best to try them on before you buy, but if you are buying online, you may want to consider ordering multiple styles and returning the ones that do not fit.

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